Whenever a large audience is addressed, whether they are your customers or employees, there is always scope for conflict. This calls for the following action: 
  • Work together to achieve satisfactory solutions
  • Weigh up the arguments presented by both sides
  • Suggest and recommend a solution for the case in question 
This requires impartiality, competence and empathy. To enable the above-mentioned considerations to be put into practice, Flughafen Wien AG has decided to establish a Security Ombudsman Service from 1 June 2013. Its aim is to provide assistance in the area of security control, not only for passengers but for staff too.
The Ombudsman Service consists of three persons, whose chief role is to represent the interests of all persons whose rights or interests are affected by the security control process. These are the former Police Commissioner of the Schwechat Federal Police Headquarters, Dr Leo Lauber, the President of the Association of Austrian Commercial Pilots, Capt. Peter Beer, and Mag. Anja Mayer, as representative of the Chamber of Employment.

Dr. Leo Lauber, Head of the Ombudsman Service

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