The Ombudsman Team

We are very proud to be able to introduce you to our colleagues in the VIE Ombudsman Service!

Dr Leo Lauber

As Head of the Security Ombudsman Service, it is Dr Lauber’s duty to coordinate the matters referred to the Ombudsman Service as well as complaints between the higher members of the senate or internal contact with the bodies concerned, VIAS and Flughafen Wien AG. 
This includes responsibility for advising on recommendations for satisfying or rejecting claims for damages. It is also the duty of the Head to formulate recommendations to the responsible parties based on his own practical experience as a member of the senate, in order to ensure that these can be implemented in the prescribed processes for security control. 

Mag. Anja Mayer

As a lawyer with the Chamber of Employment, Mag. Anja Mayer’s priority task is to represent the interests of our customers (the passengers) in the uniform security control process, and also to take care of the concerns of colleagues affected by problems or matters relating to the activities of the security control.

Capt. Peter Beer

As President of the Austrian Association of Pilots, Capt. Beer is, first and foremost, a representative and point of contact for the concerns of the crews, who also have to undergo a security control. 
Since he is aware of the problems and concerns of both sides, or as these will be referred to him, as a professional, it is his duty to gain a common understanding of the concerns of each party and to strive, through compliance with mandatory legal provisions, to attain a reconciliation of interests, to examine how far the parties’ wishes can be implemented, or to impart an understanding of how important it is to maintain the status-quo.


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