A long corporate history with a lot of challenges

We take a look back at the 20 years’ experience in all areas of aviation security. Numerous changes were made during this time that changed our industry as well as our business. Below is a brief summary of the most important milestones.


Vienna International Airport Security Services Ges.m.b.H. was founded.
The law on aviation security (LSG) was published.


Vienna International Airport Security Services Ges.m.b.H. was commissioned by BM.I to provide an air passenger control service. In the years prior to 1994 passenger control was carried out by the police.


VIAS established the Special Assistance Team, to facilitate transport at Vienna Airport for passengers with reduced mobility.


The World Trade Center in New York City was attacked on 11 September and new laws were passed in respect of air travel security for all EU states as a result.
The GET-Service G.m.b.H. was founded as a 100% subsidiary company of VIAS


VIAS’s own explosives tracker dogs for special control measures.
The EU published EU Regulation 2320 which led to extensive changes to air travel security.



The 100% control of check-in baggage was implemented, as provided for in EU Regulation 2320/2002.


Start of surveillance of access to aircraft.
Publication of EU Regulation 68/2004, in which prohibited objects that may not be taken onto an aircraft were defined.



01 January 2006 - Start of 100% control of staff working at the airport.
From 01 November 2006, air passengers were no longer permitted to take unlimited amounts of liquids onto aircraft for security reasons.



The legal basis of EU Regulation 300/2008 and 185/2010 was implemented.


Terminal 3 and the North Pier were opened, as well as Vienna Airport’s largest central security control, located here.


Implementation of the EU Regulation governing liquids. This made things easier for all passengers.


Implementation of the new resolution of the national air travel security law, requiring the introduction of comprehensive  controls for traces of explosives.