VIAS stands for quality

We offer our customers competence and professionalism. Although our stated goal is the safety of aviation, the passenger, our customer, is always at the center of our efforts.

Through intensive training in the areas of security control, customer care and service orientation, we can ensure that all our employees meet the high demands of the Austrian authorities as well as those of our parent company, Flughafen Wien AG.
Facts on training and development:

•      basic training of 288  hours
•      annual development courses of 30 hours
•      annual specialist and sub-specialist training courses of approx. 20 hours
•      annual 12 hours X-ray analysis training
Facts on quality control:

•      regular quality checks und quality controls
•      internal quality reporting 4 times a year
•      up to 130 internal quality controls per quarter
•      regular quality tests by the relevant authorities
•      around 60 quality training courses per quarter