VIAS was awarded the BGF seal of approval | 26.02.2016

VIAS was awarded the BGF seal of approval in St. Pölten on 18 February 2016 in a festive setting after successfully completing work on the project “We For Us”. This award was presented to VIAS by the Federal Minister for Health, Dr Sabine Oberhauser in person. Other companies from Lower Austria also received the BGF seal of approval at this event.  
The “We For Us” project was set up on 30.04.2012. In the three years or so of its duration, the project has been successfully implemented by a lot of detailed work, but also by larger projects. 
Through the collaboration of our security control bodies, trainers, SKAs, service officers, coordinators, daily planners, service planners, duty officers, the training & recruitment controller, security & service manager, the general management, the corporate management and works councils, we are supported by over 420 employees in 16 health circles, 6 project groups and innumerable meetings and discussions, enabling us attain our common goal of promoting health at work.
It was only through the exemplary efforts of all staff that the 81 projects were able to be implemented. Some of the 81 projects are listed here again:
Better information
Own E-Mail account for all staff
Equipment for common rooms
New microwaves, hobs, kitchen parts, lockers and much more
Equipment for work places
Lighting at the B bus gate, anti-glare protection for monitor operators, improved air humidity levels, and much more
Disinfectant dispensers in all areas, gloves, cleaning of work places and common rooms, incl. fridge, as required, and much more 
Blue jackets, security epaulettes, SKA and trainer badges, tailoring, and much more 

We are grateful to all VIAS staff and all VIE staff who have contributed to the “We For Us” project so tirelessly and with so much commitment.
This has led to our commitment to continue with the “We For Us” project in the future.