Career and Development

Whether terminal or airside area, cargo or bulk counter, trainer or coordinator - a large number of areas and positions at VIAS enable our employees to pursue a career in a wide variety of directions.

Are you planning something bigger and would you like to take a leading position?
This is possible with VIAS. After the basic training and at least 6 month of practical experience, there is the opportunity to develop into a managerial position.

Solid trainings in all areas and management levels is of great importance to VIAS.
Therefore the VIAS training academy team provides comprehensive specialist knowledge and offers additional training for personal development.
VIAS attaches great importance to successful onboarding the company. In this way we ensure, that new employees are well trained and able to carry out their future tasks safely.

Whichever position you are applying for, extensive basic training in our in-house training academy and subsequent on-job training will prepare you as best as possible for your upcoming position.

E.g. Security Agent Basic Course
The theoretical and practical basic training lasts for five weeks and takes place from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (early course) or from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (late course) at the VIAS training academy at Vienna International Airport.
Professional performance assessments and the assessment of required social skills ensure, that only the most suitable participants for this position take the final board examination at the end of the course. This is followed by 2 weeks on job training with a personal trainer, during which you as a future employee will receive the best preparation for all situations.
Security Agent Basic Course includes the following fixed educational units:
  • Screening of hand luggage
  • Patdown search
  • X-Ray screening techniques
  • Technical equipment instructions
  • Legal basis
  • Risk analysis
  • Communication
  • and much more
See some feedbacks of participants in this course:

"my course instructor - very positive & motivating, varied topics - very exciting ”, Security Agent Basic Course, 03.03.2020

"very good mix of theory and practice.", Security Agent Airside Basic Course, 04.02.2020
"Fast test results, the trainer responded to the questions raised, offers additional hours to practice after the end of the course", Security Agent Basic Course, 12.12.2019