A gesture of humanity

From Monday 17 August 2015 the equipment hall north of Vienna Airport will be available to those in need as emergency accommodation. Flughafen Wien AG, in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, has taken action to relieve the present very tense refugee situation. 
With the help of several sections of Vienna Airport, the Red Cross and VIAS, a comfortable temporary housing centre was able to be set up in a matter of minutes. The accommodation has ample toilets and shower facilities, a large eating area, a children’s play area as well as small wash room. 
VIAS, as the security and service provider of Flughafen Wien AG, takes care of the security of everyone concerned throughout the entire period of use. In addition, a number of interpreters have been provided from the service staff of VIAS, who are constantly available for the emergency personnel on site and make a valuable contribution to intercultural communication. 
German courses for our fellow human beings
German courses are also being offered by the Communications Section of the Training Academy, which are enjoying huge popularity. Courses lasting around 4 hours are held in the VIAS Training Academy every Tuesday and Friday with the support of interpreters. About 30 interested persons take the opportunity to learn the basics of the German language in each teaching unit. 
Support for teachers too 
Among the asylum seekers there are also teachers of English and Arabic. They immediately offered their help and provided support for the in-house Communications Section in the structuring of the course. Together with Flughafen Wien AG, VIAS was able to make a gesture of humanity - whether by providing food, solving problems or simply in dialogue with those seeking help. 
We are delighted to make such an important contribution.