Our Principles and Values

With 1,200 employees, VIAS is one of the largest employers in the security sector. At our location at Vienna Airport we already have an international basis for our work. So our staff need to be open towards other cultures and religions. On the other hand, we as a company ensure diversity in return. 
In terms of age and cultural background, our team is a mixture - we believe it is precisely for this reason that we work so well as a team.


Company Principles
As employees of Vienna International Airport Security Services, we know that effective airport security depends to a great extent on attentiveness and the ability to work in a team. 
Guided by this philosophy, we now find ourselves in a position in which we can proudly state that we comply with the standards of the airport security sector. This is reflected in:  

  • short waiting times
  • friendly and motivated staff
  • the detection of all prohibited items 

Over and above this, the satisfaction of the passengers is our top priority.
Through targeted analyses in all areas of our business as well as training and quality control, we are achieving improvements and are developing ourselves further.
With this conviction, we at Vienna Airport will go on providing the highest level of security and services in the future.


Code of Conduct for our Employees

  • I am VIAS, I live it and show it - every day! 
  • Through charm and individual care, I make every passenger feel welcome at Vienna Airport.
  • In challenging situations I remain calm and competent.
  • I am part of the team - the team as a whole achieves the target.
  • I treat my fellow human beings with respect, openness and interest and without prejudice
  • I am happy, jovial, optimistic and motivated with all people I have dealings with.