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With over 1,200 employees, we are one of the largest security firms in Austria. Many different and exciting areas of activity are necessary to cover the wide range of services. 
With us you will be able to make a big difference and get ahead yourself. We offer you a great many prospects and benefits, as well as the most up-to-date equipment to work with. 
Discover your potential for development and the benefits we offer. Did you know that provide individual development and special training courses for our staff? Or that we run our own educational institution with our Training Academy?

Our offer to you


Do you value opportunities for development?

We offer special training courses in each area of our exciting fields of activity:

Security Agent

The main duty of VIAS is to provide security control of passengers. A high degree of customer care as well as security awareness is of course essential for this. 

Staff Controls

Goods deliveries must be expected 24 hours a day in a “small town” such as Vienna-Schwechat Airport. For this purpose several check points are distributed around the entire airport grounds to carry out checks on motor vehicles of all types. 

Vehicle Controls

Goods deliveries must be expected 24 hours a day in a “small town” such as Vienna-Schwechat Airport. For this purpose several check points are distributed around the entire airport grounds to carry out checks on motor vehicles of all types. 

Security Control Supervisors

A security control involves innumerable, at times very complex, work routines in the most varied sequence. In order to ensure that these are implemented seamlessly, specially appointed security control supervisors are placed at every control point to oversee these routines.

Service Officer

By providing a service, exclusively at Vienna Airport, for passengers with all manner of concerns, we are breaking new grounds. The so-called Service Officer helps our customers on their way, whatever the issue.

Duty Officer

To pre-empt and manage unexpected situations in the daily routine on time, supervisors are on hand to support staff 24 hours a day.

Daily Planning

1,200 members of staff altogether and 350 staff employed on a daily basis have to be allocated and planned. There are specially trained staff here who have taken on the task of finding the optimum allocation.

Service Planning

Service planning regulates the planning of staff throughout the year.


The Coordinator arranges the scheduling of staff on a day-to-day basis in close cooperation with daily planning and service planning.


We set the border between controlled uncontrolled areas of Vienna-Schwechat Airport. An extremely responsible task, requiring a great deal of skill and know-how.
In order to provide the most up-to-date training, we never stop training and developing each other.

Training Academy

To be able to work in aviation security, you need to go through a good number of training courses and tests. With its own Training Academy, VIAS ensures that all staff receive the best possible level of training.

PRM Service

With a department specially created in 1997, the VIAS company makes it possible for passengers with limited mobility to make their way around such a big airport quickly, comfortably and, above all, safely.

Apron Supervision

Apron Supervision is there to ensure that no unauthorised persons are able to gain access to the secured area of an airport.

Baggage Supervision

The duty of Baggage Supervision is to make sure that the baggage that passengers have checked in is protected against unauthorised access. This is ensured by specially trained personnel.

Aircraft Supervision

Aircraft that need to spend long periods of time in the parking position also have to be watched.
Access to aircraft is subject to particularly stringent regulations.

Service Guide

Specially trained staff are there to make sure that all passengers in the security control area are given optimum preparation for the security control. 

Tracker dogs

The best-trained professionals of VIAS provide support to authorities, airlines and transportation companies with their tracker dogs. Their services now form an essential part of controls.


An in-house administration is necessary for such a high number of staff. The Administration manages and plans work tasks relating to security on a daily basis, and must be in a position to make decisions very quickly.

Are you wondering what the benefits are?

We offer you the following benefits and advantages of working for a large company:
  • Own email account: As communication within the company is particularly important for us, and shift work does not enable staff to be present during the day, our employees regularly receive important information by email
  • Free uniform: You will receive a full uniform (excluding shoes) free of charge. You will, however, be responsible for washing it yourself
  • Common rooms, with adequate room for your breaks, incl. kitchen facilities 
  • Free water dispenser in all common rooms 
  • Subsidised coffee in all vending machines in all common rooms 
  • 10% reduction on purchases in the airport shops 
  • Numerous trade discounts with partner companies 

Did you know that Vienna Airport was awarded the certificate of the Family Ministry “Compatibility of Work and Family” throughout the airport? 
We offer flexible working hours with various service plan models and guarantee every other weekend off.

Are you thinking of a secure and pleasant working place?
We offer:

  • Industry sectors with strong growth
  • A large team who take pleasure in their work
  • Regular staff surveys to improve your place of work
  • A company doctor and work safety (ergonomics, prevention, within the framework of occupational healthcare: possibility of precautionary vaccinations, etc.)

Occupational health promotion - we do a lot for our staff
Early in 2016 VIAS was awarded with the BGF seal of approval by the Ministry of Health for the project “We For Us”. A total of 420 members of staff supported the common objective to improve health in the workplace. 
In this way, the project enabled our staff to achieve above-average successes in health-promoting measures in the workplace over a period of 3 years.

Are you considering good training to start your career?

Find out more about our training course to become a qualified Security Agent.