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Best Airport Staff In Europe 2017 - Hattrick | 20.03.2017

For the third time in a row: Vienna Airport awarded "Best Airport Staff in Europe"
The Skytrax market research institute confirms its focus on customer orientation for Vienna Airport, and for the third time in a row, Vienna Airport is awarded the "Best Airport Staff in Europe" award. More than 13 million passengers have evaluated a total of 550 airports and once again regarded the service orientation, friendliness and competence of the employees at Vienna Airport as outstanding. The award was presented yesterday evening, Tuesday, March 14, 2017, at the Passenger Terminal Expo 2017 in Amsterdam. This is already the second award this year for the service quality of Vienna International Airport. Just a few days ago, on 6 March 2017, Flughafen Wien was awarded the Airport Service Quality Award in Gold by ACI (Airport Council International). Overall, VIE has a respectable track record for the third time in Europe's best airport team and the Beryl Award for Accessibility with the 4-star rating, 3rd and 1st place at the ASQ Awards.
"This award is a confirmation of the high customer orientation, the outstanding commitment and the very good location-wide cooperation that the employees at the airport site provide every day. Three times in a row we are proud of the quality of our team, and we are proud of the team as a whole, "said Mag. Julian Jäger and Dr. Günther Ofner, CEO of Flughafen Wien AG.
Best Airport Staff: the only European airport in the top ten
The market research institute Skytrax analyzes airports in various categories on the basis of passenger surveys. For the "Best Airport Staff" award, the quality of service is analyzed in those areas which are directly connected to the passenger, such as employees at the terminals, security controls, shopping and restaurants, and many other facilities close to the customer. In Europe, the airport Vienna has prevailed in front of Munich and Amsterdam airports, which are ranked second and third. In the global ranking of the best airport teams, Vienna International Airport is the only European airport in the top 10 after nine Asian airports. The overall ranking of "World's Top 100 Airports" puts Viennese Airport in fifth place in 24th place Making it among the top 30 of the world's best airports. The annual assessment of Skytrax is considered one of the most important in the aviation industry and is an essential benchmark for passenger satisfaction.
Ongoing awards for service quality at Vienna International Airport
Vienna Airport's service strategy is taking effect: In the Skytrax ranking, Vienna Airport is now for the third time the best airport team in Europe. On 6 March 2017, Vienna Airport was awarded the Gold Award for the best "Airport Service Quality" by ACI (Airport Council International) after bronze the year before. The Airport 2015 has been awarded the Beryll Award for the high degree of accessibility at the site and since 2016 the airport of Vienna has been awarded the "4-Star-Airport" rating by Skytrax.
For more information, visit http://www.worldairportawards.com
Dr. Günther Ofner and Mag. Julian Jäger, CEO of Flughafen Wien AG, with the Skytrax Award for "Best Airport Staff Europe".

Best Airport Staff Europe 2016 | 18.03.2016

On 16. March 2016 the air-travel rating agency Skytrax granted the “Best Airport Staff Europe” award to the staff of Vienna Airport.
In receiving this, we are writing air-travel history. No airport has succeeded in defending this title ever before. The award is in recognition of the outstanding service provision, competence and friendship we show our travellers and customers. It is, consequently, a distinction we have achieved as the employees working for our company. It is our contribution, our responsible and amicable treatment of travellers and visitors, our competent approach to passengers that Skytrax has recognised on the basis of over 13 million interviews with airport customers world-wide. 
The renewed “Best Airport Staff Europe” award is further proof that we’re on the right path. All our efforts to go the extra mile to provide our customers with more comfort and a greater feeling of well-being have not been in vain: they have been noticed, they have been recognised and they have been - for the umpteenth time - distinguished.

Career and Study Fair 2016 | 09.03.2016

VIAS participated in the BeSt³ Career and Study Fair in the Wiener Stadthalle this year too. Between 3 and 6 March 2016 anyone interested in the role of a security agent for passenger control could go along to the VIAS stand, where they could get a close look at and operate a metal detector gate, or test their shoe in a shoe detector. 
Naturally, two specially installed X-ray simulators had also been provided, on which all visitors to the stand were able to put their skills in analysing X-ray images of pieces of luggage to the test.
Of course, this year too, VIAS offered more attractive places in the area of passenger security control and the Special Assistance Team. 
New this year was the student special, created for the occasion, which is specially suited for working students. It offers you the opportunity to try out a lucrative and exciting second job for around 10 hours on Sundays up to four times a month. 
We were very pleased to be able to give so many people interested in passenger control a closer insight into this area of activity and thank all visitors to the stand.

VIAS was awarded the BGF seal of approval | 26.02.2016


VIAS was awarded the BGF seal of approval in St. Pölten on 18 February 2016 in a festive setting after successfully completing work on the project “We For Us”. This award was presented to VIAS by the Federal Minister for Health, Dr Sabine Oberhauser in person. Other companies from Lower Austria also received the BGF seal of approval at this event. 
The “We For Us” project was set up on 30.04.2012. In the three years or so of its duration, the project has been successfully implemented by a lot of detailed work, but also by larger projects. 
Through the collaboration of our security control bodies, trainers, SKAs, service officers, coordinators, daily planners, service planners, duty officers, the training & recruitment controller, security & service manager, the general management, the corporate management and works councils, we are supported by over 420 employees in 16 health circles, 6 project groups and innumerable meetings and discussions, enabling us attain our common goal of promoting health at work. 
It was only through the exemplary efforts of all staff that the 81 projects were able to be implemented. Some of the 81 projects are listed here again: 
Better information
Own E-Mail account for all staff
Equipment for common rooms
New microwaves, hobs, kitchen parts, lockers and much more
Equipment for work places
Lighting at the B bus gate, anti-glare protection for monitor operators, improved air humidity levels, and much more
Disinfectant dispensers in all areas, gloves, cleaning of work places and common rooms, incl. fridge, as required, and much more
Blue jackets, security epaulettes, SKA and trainer badges, tailoring, and much more 
We are grateful to all VIAS staff and all VIE staff who have contributed to the “We For Us” project so tirelessly and with so much commitment. 
This has led to our commitment to continue with the “We For Us” project in the future.

Our work place at Vienna Airport is a 4-start airport | 24.02.2016


VIE in the top league of airports
Vienna Airport in the top league of airports: Skytrax grants a 4-star rating

A high recognition for Vienna Airport; the renowned market research institute Skytrax has given Vienna Airport a rating of “4-star airport”. The distinction was officially awarded at a festivity at Vienna Airport today, 24 February 2016. Edward Plaisted, CEO of Skytrax, congratuled the Directors of Flughafen Wien AG Dr Günther Ofner and Mag. Julian Jäger in the presence of Dr Erwin Pröll, Governor of the Province of Lower Austria, and Mag. Renate Brauner, Executive City Councillor of the City of Vienna. Only ten airports in Europe hold this distinction, hence Vienna Airport ranks amongst the European top league.

In his statement, Dr Erwin Pröll, Governer of the Province of Lower Austria, expressed how happy he was about the positive development of the airport and the airport’s important role as an employer: “With 20,000 employees, the airport is an essential driver of the economy, creating many new work places in the region. The four-star rating makes it a hugely attractive place to work.” 
Mag. Renate Brauner, Executive City Councillor of the City of Vienna, comments on Vienna Airport’s central role for tourism and the economy: “The airport is the gate to the world for the Vienna economic area and an important visiting card for domestic tourism. The 4-star rating is a reflection of the high quality Vienna Airport offers its travellers and hence our guests.” 
Edward Plaisted, CEO of Skytrax, is very pleased to be able to welcome a new airport to the illustrious circle of the 4-star airports: “Vienna Airport has convinced us with its excellent service delivery and modern infrastructure on site. We are delighted to be able to welcome Vienna Airport into the league of the European 4-star airports.” 
For Dr. Günther Ofner and Mag. Julian Jäger, Directors of Flughafen Wien AG, the assessment is a confirmation of the successful service strategy: “The award of the 4-star rating is proof that our service delivery to passengers and international specialists is valued equally. We are extremely happy to receive this recognition and are constantly developing our strategy to improve the quality of our services even further.” 
Different quality factors were analysed 
The basis for the “4-star” assessment was an evaluation lasting several days by an international team of experts from Skytrax, in which the quality of the services at the airport, the terminal infrastructure, shopping and restaurant facilities and practical services for passengers were examined and evaluated. Vienna Airport has achieved a lot in terms of service delivery over the last years up to the present time: a new guidance system and information screens suitable for the disabled, facilities for the family with the Family Fun Gate and family security control, special service desks and electronic waiting time displays at security control, and other facilities have recently been introduced and further services are constantly being developed. 
Only ten “4-star airports” in Europe
With its 4-star rating, Vienna Airport is on a par with nine other European airports when it comes to quality: Amsterdam Schiphol, Barcelona El Prat, Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Helsinki, London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle und Zürich airports all have the same ranking. World-wide, there are 35 “4-star airports”, including those serving major cities, such as Abu Dhabi International Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport. There are only five holders world-wide of the next-highest distinction, the “5-star airport”, and with Munich Airport, only one in Europe. 
The second distinction by Skytrax already
The 4-star seal of approval is already Vienna Airport’s second distinction by Skytrax: Vienna Airport received the “Best Airport Staff Europe” award as early as in spring 2015. Over 13 million passengers world-wide were questioned about the service delivery and service quality provided by all staff coming into contact with passengers, such as those working in the terminal, security control, information desks, shops and restaurants and many other places, and their replies were evaluated. Over 550 airports around the world were analysed in this way. 
Skytrax: internationally renowned market research institution for air travel 
The Skytrax market research institution has been conducting quality rankings for international airports and airlines since 1990. These are mainly assessed for quality of service, comfort, security and many other criteria. The institute’s annual surveys count as globally valid passenger studies in the field of air travel.

NZZ Report | 02.02.2016

Staff from 52 nations work at Vienna Airport and a good dozen different faiths are represented on its 1,000 hectare territory. Hundreds of refugees were taken in as the Traiskirchen first reception centre was bursting at the seams during the summer. How does this diversity of people function? And above all: why?
Text: Julia Herrnböck; Video and photos: Lukas Wagner

“Yes, we can,” says Henry M. and grabs his baseball cap, laughing. The black fabric is adorned by the logo “Obama Mr President”. “We’ll achieve this,” he adds, citing Angela Merkel at the same time.
Unlike the German Federal Chancellor, M. is not just referring to the reception of refugees; the employee of Vienna Airport is convinced in general that immigration can work. And perhaps M. is right, at least as far as the microcosm in Vienna-Schwechat is concerned. What is causing uncertainty and bewilderment in the rest of the country and in other parts of the world seems to be functioning well here. 
The staff at Vienna Airport has become increasingly more international over the last years. Liberal EU legislation and a global workforce that is becoming more and more mobile have contributed to the fact that people from all over the world are now working at Vienna Airport. 
52 nationalities from the following countries are currently represented:
Afghanistan, Angola, Austria, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Belarus, Canada, China, Croatia, Cuba, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, India, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Madagascar, Morocco, Mexico, Moldova, Nepal, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine and Venezuela. Depending on the method of counting, between ten and twelve religions/recognised faiths are represented: Anglican, Buddhist, Evangelist, Hindu, Islamic, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jewish, New Apostolic, Old Catholic, Orthodox, Roman Catholic and with no affiliation. There are Old Catholics and Jehovah’s Witnesses, Hindus, Christians, Muslims and Jews.
“Belief should be kept at home,” says M., “we’ve got work to do here.” He himself moved from Ghana to his wife in Austria over ten years ago. His colleague Elvis P. fled Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1993 before the war. Raymundo S. left the Philippines with his parents 15 years ago. The three of them work together as a team on the apron, loading luggage and handling the aircraft before take-off and landing. 
They were joined later by Anderson M., who is originally from the Caribbean state of Trinidad and Tobago and has been working at the airport for six years. The four of them agree: the interaction between so many people from different countries and with so many different world views is based on respect and rules. If you’re untrustworthy, you’ll have problems with the team. If you’re intolerant, all the more so.
An airport is an unusual international setting per se: 60,000 passengers on average pass through Vienna Airport every day, around 5,000 staff work for Flughafen Wien AG direct, and the place of work for more than 20,000 people in total is on the airport grounds. 
The fact that, against so many different backgrounds, particularly in view of the strained political global situation, further conflicts do not arise among the staff should not be taken for granted. At one airport in Germany, for example, there were clashes between the various communities several years ago, the arguments turned into fist fights and threats against senior staff, says Christoph Lehr, Manager of the Personnel Department of Flughafen Wien AG. “I don’t want to paint a rosy picture but we don’t get that here in Vienna,” he says. 

Development over recent years 
Does integration at the airport really run as smoothly as the staff and management claim? And if so, why? When Personnel Manager Lehr started over 15 years ago, there were hardly any staff of overseas origin. Because of the security measures, most of the staff were Austrian citizens.  
The security measures have remained stringent; every member of staff must be able to present a clearance certificate issued by the police, and in some areas of employment there are additional tests set by the Ministry of the Interior. The employment laws are more liberal today, however. And so the pool of employees was expanded to include several nationalities in just a few years. 
The management were instructed and attended intercultural training courses. Lehr does not believe that this is the reason why it works so well. “It’s the social mix,” believes the Personnel Manager. “We don’t, however, have any patent remedies.” Recruitment staff are careful to ensure that no group is represented more strongly than others; even ethnicity lists at works council elections are frowned upon. Staff should be integrated, not polarised. 
Chairman Günther Ofner calls the airport an “integration melting pot”. In an email he writes that even an additional workforce has to be fought for. “We are living integration and it functions without fault. I think it is the responsibility of the economic community to make a conscious effort in this direction.”
When Christoph Lehr is asked about the socio-political dimension to immigration, he falls into contemplation. He can understand the anxieties that accompany the news reports, the creation of images of the enemy. But on the other hand, the current situation is actually a huge opportunity. It’s an enrichment for our department too when staff from other countries talk about their families, religious festivals and their homeland.” 
The greatest asset of international staff is surely linguistic competence. If necessary, all passengers can be provided with interpreters, and customs officers and the police rely on them too. Frenchman Philippe B., for instance, has been working as a Service Officer at the airport since 2013. He is in fact a qualified interpreter and speaks Spanish, Portuguese, German and English. Respect and understanding are prerequisites for cooperation. “If society were to function in this way, the world would be a different place,” he believes. 
His colleague, Emra Y. is Duty Officer and is mainly concerned about work processes. She originally comes from Turkey and speaks Kurdish in addition to German and Turkish. She has always perceived Austria as open and tolerant. For this reason, she too was pleased to help when refugees were received spontaneously on the airport grounds during the summer.

Long-term asylum accommodation set up
Around 250 people were accommodated in an adapted equipment hangar. It was intended as emergency accommodation for the duration of the glaring lack of housing, when asylum seekers were forced to sleep outside in Traiskirchen. Y. and many more members of staff were given time off in order to assist in the construction or translation. It was an important, moving experience for her, says the young woman.
A long-term housing complex for around 400 asylum seekers was built by Flughafen Wien AG on the airport grounds in the winter. It is run by the Red Cross, and volunteer workers at the airport are also involved. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) praised the construction as one of the “best service centres in the country”. 
Not all staff were enthusiastic. “The project has also had a polarising effect on business,” says Lehr. The opinions about refugees that can be read on internet forums are of course also shared by some people at the airport. The management have accepted that there is a possibility of unrest among the staff. “We want to acknowledge our social responsibility. And, at the end of the day, also give a clear signal that it’s about action and not allocating responsibility,” says Chairman Günther Ofner.

BeSt³ 2016 03.03.2016 - 06.03.2016 | 15.01.2016


For the third time running we will be attending the Careers, Study and Further Training Fair, BeSt3.
Our state-certified trainers and staff of the recruiting section will give you information not only on our core task, security control at Vienna Airport, but also on our many areas of activity, our in-house training academy, opportunities for applying and entry, as well as career options. 
To enable interested career entrants to gain a better insight into our work, there will be another opportunity this year to try out our X-ray simulator, developed by ourselves, in order to analyse X-ray pictures of items of luggage, pass through a proper metal detector or to check the metal content in your shoes with a single shoe metal detector.
Take your future in hand and visit us, the specialists in aviation security, at the BeSt3 Fair between the 3 and 6 March 2016 in the Wiener Stadthalle.

Balancing family and career | 01.12.2015


The Federal Ministry for Families and Youth awarded the certificate “Career and Family Audit” to Flughafen Wien AG in September 2015. This certificate recognises the efforts of all companies in the FWAG Group to put measures in place for their staff to accomplish the often difficult balancing act between career and private life. This required several weeks of project work by all those participating. 
One of these measures is the “baby brunch” which will be taking place in December 2015 for the first time. 
It involves a meeting of all staff on parental leave, to ensure that the connection with the company is not broken during the leave period and to keep them up-to-date with what is happening in their department. 
A similar measure has already been implemented by VIAS:
In September 2015 all staff were given a personalised, company-owned mail account.
By receiving newsletters, duty rotas, menu plans, etc., all staff can be assured of receiving important information instantly. 
We look forward to implementing further exciting innovations and cooperating with all our staff.

A gesture of humanity | 17.08.2015

From Monday 17 August 2015 the equipment hall north of Vienna Airport will be available to those in need as emergency accommodation. Flughafen Wien AG, in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, has taken action to relieve the present very tense refugee situation. 
With the help of several sections of Vienna Airport, the Red Cross and VIAS, a comfortable temporary housing centre was able to be set up in a matter of minutes. The accommodation has ample toilets and shower facilities, a large eating area, a children’s play area as well as small wash room. 
VIAS, as the security and service provider of Flughafen Wien AG, takes care of the security of everyone concerned throughout the entire period of use. In addition, a number of interpreters have been provided from the service staff of VIAS, who are constantly available for the emergency personnel on site and make a valuable contribution to intercultural communication. 

German courses for our fellow human beings 
German courses are also being offered by the Communications Section of the Training Academy, which are enjoying huge popularity. Courses lasting around 4 hours are held in the VIAS Training Academy every Tuesday and Friday with the support of interpreters. About 30 interested persons take the opportunity to learn the basics of the German language in each teaching unit.  

Support for teachers too 
Among the asylum seekers there are also teachers of English and Arabic. They immediately offered their help and provided support for the in-house Communications Section in the structuring of the course. Together with Flughafen Wien AG, VIAS was able to make a gesture of humanity - whether by providing food, solving problems or simply in dialogue with those seeking help. 
We are delighted to make such an important contribution.

VIAS - the animal-friendly security control | 29.06.2015

VIAS cares for our animal friends.
To make the necessary security control as speedy, uncomplicated and pleasant as possible, VIAS has come up with something quite special.
See for yourself.


VIAS Explosive Force | 04.05.2015

Of course, you know all about the FBI, CIA or Cobra, but have you ever heard of the “Explosive Force”? It is a unit of explosives tracker dogs, who carry out their duty at Vienna Airport Schwechat. Our Café Puls vet Chris Tanczos has been in action with the best tracker noses and has been sniffing out how the dogs are trained. 


Vienna Museum of Technology - Days of Mobility 2015 | 31.03.2015

VIAS’s first participation in a museum exhibition - inspiring for children - fascinating – unforgettable. 
Flughafen Wien AG is permanently represented in the Museum of Technology in Vienna by numerous exhibits, including the latest DOT-matrix display, a faithful replica of the airport grounds, several aircraft, and much more. Under the title “Days of Mobility”, the museum put the incredibly fascinating advances in the transport industry over the last century on show to around 4000 visitors. 
VIE supplemented their exhibits in this special exhibition with a large stand of the Fire Brigade, the Medical Centre and also the security control of VIAS. Colleagues Sven Radisch and Christian Wittman from the Training Academy simply delighted the very young visitors with demonstrations of the vitally important task of the security control officer. 
Our visitors were able to analyse pieces of luggage from X-ray pictures, pass through a walk-through metal detector and get a great deal of information on security control. The clarifications to the many questions on security control were gratefully received. 
We thank all our visitors and look forward to seeing you again.

Security Conference at Vienna Airport | 06.11.2014

Minister of the Interior Mag. Johanna Mikl-Leitner visited Vienna Airport on 6 November 2014 to attend the Security Conference at Vienna-Schwechat Airport.

There were almost 22 million visitors to the airport in 2013. “Vienna-Schwechat Airport is an important hub and pivotal point for millions of travellers around the world,” as Minister of the Interior, Mag. Johanna Mikl-Leitner emphasises. 
Above all, continuous dialogue is needed between the Chief of Police of the City of Schwechat, Flughafen Wien AG and Vienna International Airport Security Services Ges.m.b.H. for security to be provided. International networking also play an important role, for instance, the close and strong cooperation with the airports of Munich and Zürich.
The excellent cooperation between the police, the airport and VIAS received particular mention and praise from the Minister of the Interior. “An intensive dialogue between all persons and departments responsible for security is essential,” continues Mrs Mag. Mikl-Leitner, “to maintain the excellent standard of security at Vienna Airport in the future.” 
The police will be making a new project between the Chief of Police of the City of Schwechat with Flughafen Wien AG visible to passengers at first glance. The public will be able to get in direct contact with the police through intercom terminals, so-called service points. A uniform visual appearance and signage in several languages should enable the service points to be located quickly.

Austrian Ski Federation celebrities at the VIAS security control | 28.11.2014

On 28.11.2014 Marcel Hirscher, Matthias Mayer, Nicole Hosp, Mario Matt, Elisabeth Görgl and Anna Fenninger were at Vienna Airport for a film shot. The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation were shooting a few advertising scenes at Vienna International Airport for SKI WM 2015. 
The ASF celebrities made themselves very popular and approachable when talking to the VIAS staff. Our colleagues were grateful to take advantage of this once-only opportunity to have their photo taken together with the very attractive skiing stars. 
Andreas Frommberger (VIAS Duty Officer): “Anna Fenninger is even more beautiful in real life than on television.” 
Fatmagül Saglam (VIAS Duty Officer): “Marcel Hirscher is remarkably friendly and it was an exciting and special experience to be present during the shooting.” 
VIAS will be keeping their fingers crossed for the ski celebrities in the coming season!