In many cases, where a large service provider with numerous employees regularly deals with a very large number of customer contacts, there may sometimes be disagreements, conflicts and open questions. This also particularly applies to the area of security control at civil airports, since security authority responsibility is transferred to the civil airport operator or a contracted private company for enforcement under regulatory supervision and control. In this respect, it is expected that the passenger and luggage controls are efficient and customer-friendly and take place at the highest security level. In addition to the binding requirement to comply with legal provisions and official instructions, the customer focus objective requires special measures and precautions in order to
-come to an agreement together with passengers through consensual and understandable solutions in case of disagreements
-strive for the achievement of understanding for the respective position and related effects,
-in the context of goodwill payments without recognition of liability aside from legal framework conditions, to offer a legitimate form of compensation for damages caused during the security control,
-to provide answers to questions from passengers, whose items are classified as prohibited or permitted during the security control.
In order to realise these ambitious objectives, competence, impartiality and empathy are required, among other things. Therefore, the Security Ombudsman Service has been at the Vienna Airport site since 01 June 2013 as an autonomous, independent organisational unit with no biased interests. It should primarily act as a service facility for all those who have to undergo a security control by law, but it should also consider the justified concerns of the security control employees for reasons of fairness. However, the Security Ombudsman Service cannot take autonomous decisions in its area of responsibility or directly intervene in operative security control processes, but it can only give recommendations. Those officials at Vienna Airport are pleased to offer wide-ranging support for their esteemed passengers and customers in the context of the security control through the establishment of its Security Ombudsman Service, which is the only one of its kind when compared to the rest of Europe.
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Dr. Leo Lauber
Security Ombudsman Service

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