The Ombudsman Team

We are pleased to present our experienced VIE Security Ombudsman Service team!
Privy Councillor (ret) Dr. Leo Lauber
As Head of the Ombudsman Service, Dr. Lauber is entrusted with the administration of Ombudsman Service matters and the coordination between the senate members and other airport bodies in connection with the implementation of security controls. He also writes the final written decisions in case of complaints, checks and gives recommendations to the liability bearer for the settlement of damage compensation cases in case of goodwill and answers open questions regarding security control activities, particularly whether it is to be expected that certain items will be classified as prohibited or not in individual cases. It is also the task of the Security Ombudsman Service to pass on its practical experiences with ordered courses of action in the form of recommendations to the responsible managers, so that they may use them within their areas of competence.
Mag. Anja Mayer
As a lawyer with the Chamber of Labour, Mag. Anja Mayer’s main task is to represent the interests of our customers (the passengers) in the uniform security control process, but also to take care of the concerns of colleagues affected by problems or matters relating to security control activities.
Capt. ret. Peter Beer, MSc
As the former President of the Austrian Association of Pilots, Capt. Beer is, first and foremost, the point of contact for the concerns of the flight crews and other persons who also have to undergo a security control. Since he is aware of the problems and concerns of both sides, or since these are referred to him, as an expert, he is ideally suited to understanding the respective concerns and specifications and achieving a balance of interests in the context of compliance with mandatory legal provisions and instructions.
Ms Irene Rumpler-Schusser, BA
As an assistant and given her profound knowledge of the processes at our airport, she supports the team, particularly with the required administrative procedures and establishing internal contacts. Aside from formal legal considerations, she contributes her practical experience and realistic considerations regarding passenger concerns.
Kind regards,
Dr. Leo Lauber
Security Ombudsman Service

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