Job Profiles

VIAS employees achieve outstanding performances every day. The positions within the company differ, but the focus of all our work is on the security and well-being of people. It fills all of our efforts with meaning and purpose.

Find out more about selected job profils in the company.

Security Agent

Security agents provide security checks at the Vienna International Airport. They check all passengers and employees who enter the security area. The task includes the greeting at and preparation for the control process, the manual control of the clothing on the person and the detection of dangerous objects in hand luggage using a variety of technical devices. This includes the analysis of X-ray images from the X-ray machines, explosives analysis devices, metal detectors and much more. These controls are carried out in close cooperation with the police.

The focus is on the compatibility of precise processing of the specified processes and the well-being of the passenger. Security agents work with people whose individual needs must be taken into account even when there is a high number of controls.

Special Assistance Agent

The team of Special Assistance Agents takes care of passengers with special needs. This includes escort or transport from the check-in to the seat in the aircraft or from the gateto the arrival hall, as well as assistance with necessary security and border controls.
The use of technical tools varies as the passenger needs. It ranges from wheelchairs and e-vehicles to pallet trucks that allow direct access to the aircraft.

The focus is to ensure that every passenger has a comfortable and safe stay at Vienna Airport.


Service Guides

The service guides take care of departing and arriving passengers at Vienna Airport. They are competent contact persons for our guests before the security checks, prepare passengers for the security procedure and regulate the flow of passengers in front of the checkpoints. As part of porter services, they support passengers with their luggage.

A pleasant and smooth stay of our guests is their primary task.