Vienna Museum of Technology - Days of Mobility 2015 | 31.03.2015

VIAS’s first participation in a museum exhibition - inspiring for children - fascinating - unforgettable
Flughafen Wien AG is permanently represented in the Museum of Technology in Vienna by numerous exhibits, including the latest DOT-matrix display, a faithful replica of the airport grounds, several aircraft, and much more.
Under the title “Days of Mobility”, the museum put the incredibly fascinating advances in the transport industry over the last century on show to around 4000 visitors. VIE supplemented their exhibits in this special exhibition with a large stand of the Fire Brigade, the Medical Centre and also the security control of VIAS. 
Colleagues Sven Radisch and Christian Wittman from the Training Academy simply delighted the very young visitors with demonstrations of the vitally important task of the security control officer. 
Our visitors were able to analyse pieces of luggage from X-ray pictures, pass through a walk-through metal detector and get a great deal of information on security control. The clarifications to the many questions on security control were gratefully received.  
We thank all our visitors and look forward to seeing you again.